The brand Honda, not only offers some of the most brilliantly designed cars but also offers great reliability with their warranty. If you are wondering what is covered under your Hondas warranty program, here are some things you can make a note of.

1. New vehicle warranty

The new vehicle limited warranty is given to all Honda owners when they purchase a new car. This covers the cars air conditioning unit, audio system, wiper blades, remote batteries, etc. The duration of the policy lasts for three years or 36 months, depending...continue reading

Are you looking for a reliable, sturdy, and efficient vehicle? Are you concerned about driving safety? If so, then the 2018 Honda HRV is the vehicle youre looking for! Apart from providing a serene and entertaining drive experience, the Honda HRV 2018 is also equipped with a host of safety features that will keep you and your family safe on the road.

What are the Honda HRV 2018 safety features?

Hondas EX and EXL trim levels are armed with HondaLink. This feature seamlessly syncs with your smartphone to provide you...continue reading

Sedans are a class by itself. It has defined style and luxury with its extended and closed boot space, spacious seating arrangements, and attractive exteriors. But the debate about the best sedan intensifies only when Accord and Civic, two of Hondas most successful models, are placed against each other. So the best place to settle this would be the Honda dealerships in NC. Here you can find both the cars and check out their features yourself. So before you head out, here are a few contrasting features of these cars that...continue reading

The Honda Remote Start has been a popular hit from the time it was introduced. It enables remote start and keyless entry into Honda vehicles in models produced after 2013. If you wish to add the feature to your Honda vehicle, you will need to brush up on the car models which permit this facility and the remotes compatible for them. Remote compatibility varies from one Honda vehicle model to another. Besides remote start and keyless entry, you can also enjoy 3X lock start, factory fit installation, limited lifetime...continue reading

The Honda CRV Hybrid has been awarded the Best New Car for 2020 title along with 12 other new vehicle entrants. Launched earlier this year, the all-new CRV Hybrid does pack quite a punch. It offers high torque power, in addition to enhanced fuel economy. Driving the vehicle is superbly comfortable, and theres enough space for everyone. If you thought the Honda CRV Hybrid couldnt get any better you are wrong. The electric vehicle even won Top Safety Pick from the IIHS. If youre still wondering whether you should buy this...continue reading