Honda is one of the most famous automobile manufacturers in the world. Honda cars are known for their affordability, quality, and longevity. These cars are also great on fuel economy and are easy to maintain, not needing expensive repairs frequently.

If you are thinking about buying a Honda car, you must have also explored finance or lease options. Here are some of them for your consideration:

Lease deals

  • 2020 Honda Passport - You pay $329 per month for 36 months with $3,099 due at lease signing. The offer includes down...continue reading

The Honda Civic is an iconic car with a legacy as a durable and reliable car. The history of the Honda Civic is not just filled with rave reviews but also several awards and accolades. The iconic Honda Civic made its debut in 1973, but the first Honda Civic Hybrid model hit the US market in the spring of 2002 as a 2003 model.

Here is a look at all the Honda Civic Hybrid models over the years:


When the Honda Civic Hybrid was launched, the company claimed that it was the most fuel-efficient car in the world...continue reading

We may think that headlights are just an accessory used to illuminate our path when driving at night. However, it is an extremely important safety feature for your car. For safe driving, you must be able to see clearly and also be seen by other vehicles. You must also be able to detect cyclists, pedestrians, and other people using the road.

If you own a Honda Civic car, here are the best headlights for your car:

XtraVision Fog Light/ Headlight Bulb H11XV-2

XtraVision halogen bulbs provide better visibility down the road...continue reading

The 2021 Honda Pilot is a midsize family SUV that offers many advantages that many crossover shoppers often look for. Whether it is its all-wheel-drive system, its smooth ride, or its great seating height that provides a clear view of the road ahead, you are sure to get plenty of features that make this three-row SUV a pleasure on the road. 


The 2021 Honda Pilot is available in seven trim levels, which are LX, EX, EX-L, SE (Special edition), Touring, Elite, and finally, Black Edition. All models of the...continue reading

The brand Honda, not only offers some of the most brilliantly designed cars but also offers great reliability with their warranty. If you are wondering what is covered under your Hondas warranty program, here are some things you can make a note of.

1. New vehicle warranty

The new vehicle limited warranty is given to all Honda owners when they purchase a new car. This covers the cars air conditioning unit, audio system, wiper blades, remote batteries, etc. The duration of the policy lasts for three years or 36 months, depending...continue reading