What is HondaLink?

Deacon Jones Honda welcomes you to explore HondaLink

All around NC we at Deacon Jones Honda have been fielding a question time and time again. Now, we are here to answer. The burning question seems to be what is HondaLink? Well, we at Deacon Jones Honda are glad you asked! Read on below to learn the details of the new HondaLink system and how it may very well be the best present you unwrap this holiday season. Want to see if you new Honda in NC is HondaLink compatible? Come on over to Deacon Jones Honda located at 3309 MCLAIN STREET, GOLDSBORO, NC 27534 where our sales experts will sit you down in our relaxing, no pressure environment and sort out all of those specifics of which vehicles are compatible and in what forms. From 2014 models like the the 2014 Civic Coupe to the 2019 Honda Pilot the HondaLink system has been and will continue to be an integral part of the Honda lineup of vehicles present at Deacon Jones Honda. Now that we know which vehicles are compatible, let’s drive into the fun facets that make the HondaLink so special.

There are five features that come standard on the HondaLink system with compatible vehicles. Those standard 5 features are vehicle guides, parking reminder, service appointments, recall notifications, and roadside assistance.

Vehicle Guides: Vehicle Guides is a feature that displays easily accessible information through the digital owner’s manual available through the HondaLink system. Whether you want to know how to switch the clock in your entertainment display cluster on the new Honda Accord in NC or can’t seem to adjust the driver’s seat in the new Honda Odyssey the digital Vehicle Guides will be an invaluable source of information and guidance written in step by step instructions.

Parking Reminder: The Parking Reminder feature allows you to never forget where your new Honda in NC is parked whether it is in the wilderness for a mountain weekend or just a quick trip to the shopping mall the HondaLink system has you covered

Service Appointments: Does your new Honda in NC need new brakes or an oil change for the impending driving season? With the HondaLink system you can easily schedule and confirm excellent Honda service in Goldsboro with a Honda-Certified vehicle expert for all your Honda service needs in NC.

Recall Notifications: As with all large companies, recalls do happen and at Deacon Jones Honda it is our mission to inform and notify you if your new Honda in NC has been recalled for any reason. In addition, our service experts at Deacon Jones Honda are available both day and evening hours for optimal convenience and can be reached at 919-763-2900 to further solidify an action plan if your new Honda in NC is recalled.

Roadside Assistance: We have all been there. A flat tire, getting locked of the vehicle you name it, we at Deacon Jones Honda have seen it all. Thankfully, with the HondaLink system our loyal customers in Wilson, Greenville, Fayetteville and beyond never have to worry about being dangerously stranded on the side of the road. With the HondaLink system you have access to 24-hour roadside service which includes jump starts and lockout assistance just to name a few of the many helpful ways the Roadside Assistance is here in Goldsboro to help you and your new Honda in NC get back safely on the open road.

To learn more in-depth about the HondaLink system we at Deacon Jones Honda recommend swinging by our beautiful showroom at 3309 Mclain Street, Goldsboro, NC 27534 where you can talk to you on our sales experts first hand and discover why Deacon Jones Honda is your Honda dealer in Goldsboro.

Source: Honda