Let’s Talk Honda Engines

Want to know what’s really underneath the hood of your new Honda in NC? At Deacon Jones Honda we let you know!

At Deacon Jones Honda we know that the engine in your new Honda in NC is one of the most important factors of your vehicle. The engine in your new Honda breathes life into the entire vehicle and jump starts the momentum to get you and your entire group the speed and velocity you have come to know and love from a Honda vehicle. Due to the fact that the engine is one of the most integral parts of the Honda vehicle it is pertinent for all Honda driver’s in NC to choose the best engine for their unique and distinctive Honda vehicle. We chose five distinctive Honda models that contain compelling and capable engines to explore and discover at Deacon Jones Honda. The three models in our docket are the Honda Accord, Honda Odyssey, and the Honda Fit. With these models we at Deacon Jones Honda are excited for you to delve deeper into the details pertaining to these engines and learn about the importance about implementing expert Honda service in Goldsboro for your Honda engine.

The new 2019 Honda Accord is an exciting new sedan that combines style, upgraded technology, and fuel-efficiency all rolled up into one Honda present. The new Honda Accord has 5 incredible trim models to choose from including the new Honda Accord Hybrid. The new Honda Accord Hybrid contains a compelling electric motor with an efficient 2.0-liter VTEC engine an incredible 212 horsepower @ 6200 rpm. In addition, the 2.0-liter VTEC engine can propel your new Honda Accord further on the open roads with an astounding 48 city/48 hwy miles per gallon to ensure you save some coin this holiday season at the gas station with these amazing fuel economy numbers.

If you are looking for an engine with incredible handling the engine in the new Honda Odyssey is the perfect vehicle for you! The new Honda Odyssey in Goldsboro contains a powerful 3.5-liter V-6 engine with 280 horsepower, 262 lb-ft of torque with variable cylinder management. Variable Cylinder Management is a system which automatically manages your fuel-economy by using the i-VTEC system to disable one bank of cylinders during your highway driving adventures creating a cleaner and more efficient Honda driving experience. One of the highlights of the V-6 engine in the Honda Odyssey is the crisp acceleration and passing capability allowing you the driver, to be in complete control of the open roads in Goldsboro.

One of the highlights of the new Honda Fit in NC is the exciting 1.5-liter 4-cylinder engine. This engine allows for a silky smooth 6-speed transmission, so you can seamlessly shift from one gear to another with complete control from the 4-cylinder of the Honda Fit engine. In the new Honda Fit the engine is the lifeblood of the vehicle that maximizes both efficiency and performance all centered from the Honda exclusive EarthDreams technology.

The Honda Accord Hybrid, Honda Odyssey and the Honda Fit in Goldsboro all have unique and powerful engines that give you the versatility, control, and fuel-efficiency that you and countless Honda drivers have come to know and love from your Honda vehicles. If you would like to check out these fantastic engines come on over to our beautiful showroom located at 3309 Mclaine Street, Goldsboro, NC 27534 and let our sales experts show you the Deacon Jones Honda difference.

Source: Honda