Exploring the Honda Sensing Suite of Safety and Driver-Assistive Technologies at Deacon Jones Honda

Honda Insight

Exploring the Honda Sensing Suite of Safety and Driver-Assistive Technologies

The new 2019 Honda Insight Hybrid is a sight to see...and drive. The 2019 Honda Insight is an exciting combination of an incredibly fuel-efficient drive paired with a host of sleek designs and colors, fit for any aesthetic and style. Boasting an impressive 55 MPG/HWY range this is a vehicle that can travel the distance without the hassle of multiple trips to the gas station. In addition to the bold fuel-efficiency of this vehicle, the 2019 Honda Insight incorporates an array of state-of-the-art technological advances that make the 2019 Honda Insight alert as well as green!

One of the most extraordinary high-tech aspects of this vehicle is the Honda Sensing Suite of Safety and Driver-Assistive Technologies. The core of the Honda Sensing Suite is to alert you as the driver to the things you might be missing while on the open road. Included in the Honda Sensing Suite are the Lane Keeping Assist Systems, Road Departure Mitigation System, Collision Mitigation Brake System and Adaptive Cruise Control with Low-Speed Follow.

With these advanced technologies we at Deacon Jones Honda in Goldsboro, NC think it is crucial our customers are informed about the products they are purchasing, and we think you should know how they function. As we detailed and outlined above the Honda Sensing Suite of Safety and Driver Assistive Technologies has four main components. Read on to learn more about every aspect and how each component makes the 2019 Honda Insight Hybrid a must drive.

  • The Lane Keeping Assist Systems jumps into high gear when it senses your vehicle straying from the center line, with steering automatically adjusting to bring you back to the center lane

  • Road Departure Mitigation System is a small camera which observes road markers and alerts you if you are headed off the main pathway, automatically applying light brake pressure and/or mild steering torque to get you back on track

  • Collision Mitigation Brake System is a unique feature expertly designed to deftly stop the brakes when it senses an otherwise avoidable collision with a vehicle detected in front of you

  • Adaptive Cruise Control with Low-Speed Follow is a system aids in helping you maintain a fixed following pause on the highway allowing you to focus on the road, not on changing your speed

    Source: Honda