It’s Electric! The 2018 Honda Clarity Electric is HERE

Deacon Jones Honda Welcomes the 2018 Honda Clarity Electric

The 2018 Honda Clarity Electric is itching to get out of our lot in Goldsboro and onto the open roads of NC. The new Honda Clarity in Goldsboro is a vehicle unlike many due to its innovative design and advanced fuel-efficient system. Driving around in the 2018 Honda Clarity Electric will feel like a whole new world, because it is!

The pivotal factor of the Honda Clarity Electric is the fact that this vehicle uses no gasoline. Typically a foreign concept in our gas guzzling society, the new Honda Clarity Electric is ahead of the curve by offering drivers a new way to recharge, literally charging the vehicle in the wall until it is finished and then it’s off to the races! In addition to nixing the time sucking hassle of pesky fill ups, and the cost of gasoline, owning a Honda Clarity Electric could  enable you to make even more coin with state rebates, and could even put you in an HOV lane with HOV access eligibility. The 2018 Honda Clarity Electric takes efficiency to a whole new level with a reticent and powerful motor electric motor which displays 221 lb-ft of torque for immediate acceleration coupled with multi-link rear independent suspension, aerodynamic wheels and intentionally created tires to aid in creating the optimal fuel-efficient package for drivers in NC.

The 2018 Honda Clarity Electric will electrify and turn heads with the streamlined approach featuring improved front and rear LED lights, with the front LED headlights providing visibility with Auto-On/Off and the exclusive light signature you know means a Honda is ready for business. With three design choices to pick from the 2018 Honda Clarity in Goldsboro offers drivers the choice of White Orchid Pearl, Modern Steel, and Vortex Blue as the trinity of styles that sure to meld with your unique style and aesthetic. Lastly, just because driving the Honda Clarity in Goldsboro feels like a dream doesn’t mean that the vehicle isn’t tough as nails. A laser welded roof constructs the new Honda Clarity with a sense of security and protection for the driver and for all 4 of your passengers.

The new Honda Clarity is here at Deacon Jones Honda and we are so excited to welcome you to our beautiful showroom at 3309 McLaine Street, Goldsboro, NC, 27534 to take a test drive today!

Source: Honda