Find the Right Tires for Your Honda

Your Honda tires are an expensive maintenance item. So, it makes sense to be careful when choosing a new set of tires.

Replacing tires is essential because tires wear over time. They may also get damaged by issues such as bulges and punctures.

If you are near Rocky Mount, Greenville, or Kinston, you can visit our Deacon Jones Honda service center in Goldsboro, NC, for a vehicle inspection. Our experts can examine your Honda tires and let you know if they need a replacement.

Our experts can also guide you in choosing the right tires for your Honda.

If you are in the market to buy tires, then here are some tips to ensure that you get the right set for your Honda:

Find Existing Tire OEM Sequence

If you want to replace existing tires with Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) tires, then check your owner’s manual for the number. The number is also available on the vehicle, usually on the door jamb (e.g. 220/50R14 98T).

The numbers and alphabets in the sequence represent OEM tire’s width, aspect ratio, construction type, diameter, load index, and speed rating, respectively.

When shopping for tires, ensure that potential tires meet these specifications.

Check for Key Parameters for Non-OEM Tires

If you are going for non-OEM tires, then keep the following factors in mind at the time of purchase:

  • If you are looking for smoother rides, then tires with a low aspect ratio are good. Such tires are awfully vulnerable to pothole-ridden roads, though.
  • Do not go for tires that have a load index specification that is lower than the OEM tire. The load index refers to the maximum amount of weight that a tire is capable of carrying when filled to the right pressure.

Tires with a lower load index may be incapable of supporting the weight of your Honda.

  • It is always better to go for the speed rating specified in the OEM sequence. The speed rating refers to the maximum speed that your Honda can fetch when equipped with the tires.

Though higher speed ratings can give a better speed performance, such tires can be expensive and can wear out soon.

Choose the Right Tire Type

  • All-season tires are a popular choice that gives a good balance of mileage, speed, and traction.
  • All-terrain tires give a good off-road driving experience. Choose them if your lifestyle includes regular off-road travel.
  • Winter tires are best if you live in heavy snow-prone areas.
  • Summer tires are ideal for high-performance Honda models.

Replacing your tires is important to ensure your safety on the roads. Make the right choice so that you get the best value for your money.

You can always visit our authorized Honda car dealership and service center for expert opinion and guidance.

Source: Pexels