Simple Tips for Protecting Your Honda This Winter

Living in the US, you might already know that winter is a harsh time of the year. While the season poses challenges for you, it is crucial to understand that your vehicle goes through a storm of hardships too.

As an owner of a Honda, you should make sure that you protect your car from the harsh chills. Remember to take account of the tips highlighted below so that you don’t have to spend extra money on avoidable repairs:

A basic tune-up can save thousands

Although a tune-up is a mandatory procedure to protect your vehicle, it plays a crucial role during the colder months. All the minor problems you may not be aware of can become significant ones due to the lower temperatures.

Check the plastic and rubber components of your car, since the cold weather can make them brittle. Also, flush out your cooling system at least once in two years to keep a check on corrosion. A basic tune-up will help you identify and tackle small issues with your Honda.

Change the Oil

The best time to change the oil in your Honda is before the winter hits your locality. Your owner’s manual will tell you what kind of product you must use during low temperatures. The reason is that the oil becomes thicker in these conditions, making it harder to start the engine. Also, it may not reach the cylinders to lubricate vital components, causing significant damage in the long run.

Wax the Paint

The winter season is the best time to apply a wax coating on your car. Such a layer offers a blanket of protection for your paint. During the colder months, the dirt on the road can damage the aesthetics of your vehicle. So remember to apply wax before the first snowfall hits your locality. Ensure that your Honda has at least half a tank of gas at all times. Such a practice prevents moisture from forming and freezing inside your vehicle.

Taking the measures highlighted above will help you protect your Honda this winter. In any case, if you require professional assistance, Deacon Jones Honda is here to help!

Source: Honda