New Year's Resolutions For Your Honda

Honda is built to give you the best performance on even the harshest of roads. Here are some New Year's Resolutions for your Honda to ensure you get the most out of the brand's cars throughout 2020:

Check and change your Honda’s Engine Oil

Fresh engine oil lubricates and reduces friction between the moving parts of the engine and prevents components from heating up excessively. Also, the engine oil can become dirty over time, which reduces efficiency, performance, and mileage and causes early engine wear and sometimes even breakdowns. So it's necessary to change your Honda’s engine oil every 5000 to 7000 miles.

Rotate the Tires

Tire rotation increases the lifespan of your Honda’s tires by facilitating even wear. There are numerous ways to rotate tires – from the front to the rear and vice-versa is a common method. Some vehicles may need swapping of like tires. Check your owner’s manual to know the rotation pattern applicable to your Honda.

Tire rotation is usually recommended every time your Honda completes 5000 to 7000 miles – almost during every oil change.

Clean your Honda

Keep your Honda clean in and out. Wash your car, preferably every two weeks, to get rid of the dirt and dust on the exterior. Clean the interiors once in a month to prevent bad odors and ensure good hygiene. Keep a small trash collector indoors and get rid of its contents regularly. If you want your Honda to be as good as new always, consider giving it a waxing and polishing service.

Read the Owner’s Manual

You may have missed some of Honda’s most interesting and updated features. Reading your owner’s manual can inform and enable you to put these to the best use.

Read the safety precautions specified in the manual and adhere to them for a safe and enjoyable ride. Have your vehicle serviced according to your manual schedule to enjoy maximum safety and happiness with your Honda.

Schedule a visit to our service center for a complete check-up of your Honda. We have basic and premium service options, and as authorized service providers, we offer the best and expert services, all at affordable prices.

Source: Honda