How to Reset a Honda Maintenance Minder?

Many Honda drivers in Greenville find Honda’s Maintenance Minder very useful. It continuously monitors your Honda and provides non-stop information on the quantity of engine oil left in the engine. Several Honda models are equipped with the Maintenance Minder option. Drivers no longer have to remember their next oil change or maintenance service appointment. The Maintenance Minder does it for you.

When you’re due for your next factory-scheduled maintenance or oil change, take it into Clinton Honda near Kinston. After performing the necessary services, the Honda technician will reset the Maintenance Minder on your behalf. In case he/she forgets to reset the instrumental panel or you opt for an oil change from a non-Honda garage, then you need to know how to reset the Maintenance Minder. The procedure to reset this function is similar across all Honda vehicles that have this feature.

We recommend the following tips for resetting the Maintenance Minder in your vehicle:

Step 1

Place your key in the ignition. Rotate the switch to the “on” position. Do not start the vehicle.

Step 2

Press down on the “Reset/Sel” knob until you see the oil life indicator pop up on the display.

Step 3

Keep pressing the Select or Reset button until the maintenance code and oil life indicator starts blinking. This will take up to 10 seconds or more.

Step 4

Keeping pressing down on the Select or Reset knob until you see the oil life indicator re-tune back to 100 percent. Once this happens, the maintenance code will automatically disappear. This step requires an additional five seconds.

What happens if you forget to reset the engine oil indicator after an oil change or maintenance service in Rocky Mount?

Failure to resent the notification panel will result in the computer displaying incorrect maintenance periods. This will eventually lead to mechanical issues. This won’t be an issue if you take your vehicle to a Honda dealership for an oil change or maintenance service. The Honda mechanic will reset the system on your behalf.

To schedule an oil change or maintenance, visit the nearest Honda car dealerships in Goldsboro, NC.

Source: Pexels