How to Improve Your Gas Mileage

With rapidly increasing gas prices, mileage has become a serious issue for every car owner across the globe. A low gas mileage signifies that you are indirectly leading to more carbon emissions and quicker exploitation of resources. This will adversely affect the environment and might lead to an increase in your carbon footprint.

Here a couple of tips and tricks to improve your gas mileage.

Maintain your Speed

Don’t expect your vehicles to pick up speed rapidly. Your car might make it to 60 mph in six seconds or lesser, but it works extremely hard for such a feat. When you demand more, higher levels of fuel are consumed.

Running at a constant speed is the best way to increase gas mileage. This reduces the effort put in by your vehicle and effectively ensures that more gas is saved up.

Hit the Brakes well in Advance

Just like accelerating to high speeds rapidly, slamming the brakes at the last moment inflicts significant levels of unnoticeable damage. This is because there’s a rapid change in momentum when you wish to quickly come to a halt, especially when your car is moving at a relatively high speed.

Try to press your brakes well in time, apart from emergencies, in order to preserve the mileage of your model.

Maintain Appropriate Fuel Standards

If your automobile has a specific fuel standard, do not use sub-par quality fuel. This can negatively affect the engine.

While using sub-par quality fuel appears cheaper on paper, it actually costs you more with increased repairs and rather low gas mileage.

Control the Weight in Cabin

A lot of us like to fit large amounts of cargo into our trunks or seat more than the recommended number of people inside our vehicles. However, doing this effectively increases the overall weight of the chassis. An increase in weight leads to a strain on the engine. This causes more fuel to be burned by your vehicle and a consequent reduction in mileage.

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Source: Pexels