How to Find a Good Used Car

Young and broke? Don’t worry, Honda Used Cars will rescue your dream of owning a car nevertheless. Deacon Jones Honda, located in Goldsboro, NC, provides an entire range of Honda Used Cars for customers young and old who’d otherwise find it difficult to afford a brand new Honda. You could be anywhere near Goldsboro, Raleigh, or Greensboro; we’re only a brief commute away. 

However, chancing upon a good-condition used car can be a rarity. You could end up losing instead of saving on your expenditure if you don’t know what to look for in your second-hand Honda. We provide you with a checklist below that you can use to buy a good second-hand car.

Draw up a budget

Remember, a used variant will require periodic maintenance and servicing. Perhaps, more than a new car would. So, you have to fix the price you plan to buy it for and leave aside funds for carrying out these maintenance checks. Also, take into account the money you will spend on fuel and insurance. 

Decide whether you’ll buy CPO or a regular used version

One of the questions you will be faced with when you visit a dealership is, whether you’d like a CPO or a regular used vehicle. A certified pre-owned vehicle will provide you extended warranty coverage and other benefits but will also cost you more. 

Pick A Couple Of Models

You will want to narrow down your choices to a handful of preferred models. You will face a tough time negotiating the cost you intend to buy if you’ve set your mind on that very option itself. You are allowed more room to negotiate and bargain when you have more than a couple of options in mind. 

Understand the vehicle’s history

Suppose, you are faced with a couple of used cars you want to buy, offered in the same price range but one has undergone repairs after an accident and the other has met no such fate – which will you buy? Ideally, you should pick a model without an accident or previous repair history. Accidents and past repairs pull down the lifetime significantly.

Source: Honda