What's Included in a Honda Warranty?

The brand Honda, not only offers some of the most brilliantly designed cars but also offers great reliability with their warranty. If you are wondering what is covered under your Honda’s warranty program, here are some things you can make a note of.

1. New vehicle warranty

The new vehicle limited warranty is given to all Honda owners when they purchase a new car. This covers the car’s air conditioning unit, audio system, wiper blades, remote batteries, etc. The duration of the policy lasts for three years or 36 months, depending on whichever comes first.

2. Limited powertrain warranty

As the name suggests, this warranty takes care of your car’s powerhouse, which includes the engine, the drivetrain, the transmission, and the restrain system. The powertrain warranty lasts for up to five years or 60,000 miles.

3. Accessory limited warranty

The accessory limited warranty covers all the accessories that were included in the car at the time of the purchase as well as the accessories that you bought later. This warranty lasts for either one year or as per the time remaining in the new vehicle warranty, depending on whichever is longer. If you buy accessories by a Honda dealer, you also get a one year warranty for them.

4. Replacement parts warranty

All genuine Honda parts are covered for up to a year from the date of purchase to the duration of the new vehicle warranty, based on whichever out of the two is longer. However, this warranty includes repairs that have proof of purchase. Brake pads, spark plugs, etc. are common parts covered under this warranty.

5. Rust perforation warranty

This warranty offers protection against corrosion, rust, and damage to the car’s panel. The warranty lasts for 5 years with unlimited mileage. However, only the original car’s panel is covered.

6. Roadside assistance

Honda also offers roadside assistance for three years or 36,000 miles, whichever comes first. This includes assistance with flat tires, fuel delivery, etc.

To sum it up

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Source: Honda