Honda Remote Start System

The Honda Remote Start has been a popular hit from the time it was introduced. It enables remote start and keyless entry into Honda vehicles in models produced after 2013. If you wish to add the feature to your Honda vehicle, you will need to brush up on the car models which permit this facility and the remotes compatible for them. Remote compatibility varies from one Honda vehicle model to another. Besides remote start and keyless entry, you can also enjoy 3X lock start, factory fit installation, limited lifetime system warranty, and upgradeable security. Learn about the key features of the Honda Remote Start facility below.

Primary Features

The Honda Remote Start System contains the following specifications –

Factory Fit Amenity – The Factory Fit service ensures that you drive a Honda vehicle with a remote start specially manufactured for it. So, you won’t have to worry about compatibility issues later. You are provided with a T-harness with factory style connectors designed for specific Honda vehicles.

3X Lock Start – The 3X Lock Start makes it possible for you to remote start your vehicle with your factory manufactured key fob.

Which Honda Vehicles Provide Remote Start Ability

The Honda Civic (all variants), the Honda Insight, the Honda Accord, the Honda Accord Hybrid, the Honda CRV, the Honda Pilot, the Honda Ridgeline, and the Honda Odyssey are all vehicles which boast of the Honda Remote Start facility.

The Honda Remote Start is a nifty feature addition to Honda vehicles. You can use it to warm your vehicle by remotely starting the engine during winter. In vehicles where the remote start is connected to the car’s air conditioner, you can use it to cool down your vehicle’s engine during Summer. 

In a hurry? You can use Honda Remote Start to start your Honda automobile’s engine from as far as 400ft away. 

Your Very Own Honda Dealership in Goldsboro

Deacon Jones Honda in Goldsboro, NC is near the cities of Kinston, Rocky Mount, and Greenville. If you reside in any of these localities, visit our Honda dealership in Goldsboro, NC. You can examine Honda’s Remote Start System in person and verify whether you’d like a Honda vehicle with or without this facility. Browse through our range of Honda vehicles with Remote Start capacity today and take your pick.