Guide to Adaptive Cruise Control

Adaptive Cruise Control or AAC is a smart drive feature that almost every new-age vehicle includes in their basic specifications. It is also popularly referred to as Autonomous Cruise Control or Active Cruise Control. With AAC, your vehicle can automatically speed up or slow down based on the traffic situation it finds itself in. How does AAC work, and should you even be using it? We clarify these questions and more below.

How Does Adaptive Cruise Control Work?

Cars enabled with Adaptive Cruise Control are said to have a radar/laser system mounted towards the front on the car. Your car constantly examines the road ahead of it by using this interior mounted radar/laser system. 

If you wish to use the ACC in your car, all you need to do is switch on the system for your vehicle. Then, accelerate to the speed you would like to drive your car at and press “Set”. You may adjust the speed manually later using the ‘+’ and ‘-’ buttons. You are also allowed to set the distance you would like to maintain between your vehicle and another’s. You can specify this distance using either seconds or meters. 

As a result, when the car ahead of you slows down, your car tries to maintain the distance/time you have specified by either slowing down or alerting you to apply the brakes on it manually. Once you apply the brakes manually though, the ACC gets deactivated.

In situations where the vehicle in front of you speeds up suddenly, your ACC continues to maintain the specified distance. It doesn’t shoot up to follow the vehicle speeding. Instead, it waits until another vehicle has taken its place. So, you can drive safely and securely without risking any road accidents or traffic mishaps.

How is Adaptive Cruise Control Different from Cruise Control?

AAC is a more advanced feature found in newer vehicles. Cruise control was introduced for high-end vehicles in the past. It allowed drivers to keep a set speed while driving, so they didn’t have to keep their foot on the accelerator constantly. AAC, unlike CC, is smarter, as it enables your vehicle to survey nearby traffic. 

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Source: Honda