2020 Honda Accord Safety Features

The Accord has consistently been ranked as one of the most popular cars to have ever been put out by Honda. The Accord has witnessed a new update for 2020, and this time, the manufacturer heavily fitted the model with various new features.

With the increasing number of accidents and car crashes, safety has become an extremely important aspect of any new car being released into the market. Let’s take a specific look into the various safety capabilities of the 2020 Honda Accord.

The 2020 Honda Accord has been equipped with Honda’s driver assistance safety kit, called the Honda Sensing Technology. The highlights include the following:

Collision Mitigation Braking System 

This is a radar-based sensing software present in the Accord. With it, when your Honda is moving above 15 km/h and the radar senses another vehicle within 100 m that might collide with your car, a three-step precaution system kicks in:

  • Alert the driver with audio and visual warnings
  • Automatic braking with three strong tugs on the seat belt of the driver
  • Tightening of the seat belt of the front seat passengers and strong emergency braking

Road Departure Mitigation System 

Alerts and aims to assist the driver when the vehicle is crossing over lane markings or leaving the road altogether.

Adaptive Cruise Control (Low-Speed Follow) 

Adaptive Cruise Control senses the speed of the automobile ahead and adjusts the speed of your Honda accordingly. Low speed follow in addition to Adaptive Cruise Control helps your car move at an optimum pace in traffic. 

Lane Keeping Assist

Works on similar lines to the Road Departure Mitigation System and warns the driver when he/she is unintentionally driving out of his/her lane on the road.

Traffic Sign Recognition 

This capability essentially identifies any road signs ahead with a front-view camera, recognizes them with specialized identification software, and relays it back to the instrument panel of the car to warn you.

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Source: Honda