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2019 Ridgeline Performance


The Honda 2019 Ridgeline is one of the best crossovers between a pickup truck and comfort vehicle. It has a very comfortable cabin and provides a refined driving experience. This doesn’t come at the price of its cargo loading capabilities. The innovative cargo box has an in-bed trunk and also incorporates an audio system.


The powertrain of the vehicle is a 280 horsepower V-6, combined with a six-speed automatic transmission. The car comes in two variants—a front wheel drive and an all-wheel drive. The only negative comments that this vehicle receives is about its bed cap. This is especially so during the winters when loading extremely heavy goods become a problem. While the cap severely reduces the rear visibility, it provides ample space to store small goods. The cap also has a straight line roof that doesn’t quite go with the Ridgeline’s domed cab.


A lot of drivers disagree amongst each other regarding the towing capacity of Honda Ridgeline. Drivers who are accustomed to bulkier trucks complain that the towing isn’t strong enough whereas others have had no problem with it whatsoever. The trailer height plays a big role in deciding the towing capacity. Any trailer taller than the Ridgeline’s roof will naturally cause aerodynamic drag. The Ridgeline has no problem in pulling low-height trailers no matter how heavy they are. Some of the other issues that drivers have come across are the long stroke of the brake pedal and lack of bite of the binder. Updates have been made to the cabin, engine air filters, and tire rotation.


The best part about this vehicle is its versatile nature. It can be used for hauling heavy goods, camping, and commuting. The vehicle rises to every occasion without breaking a sweat. The smooth ride offered by this vehicle is unlike any pickup truck, and the handling is extremely smooth. There are flexible rear-seat folding options, and a weatherproof trunk hidden beneath the pickup bed’s floor. The car is also incredibly sturdy and provides advanced safety features. Caught in an accident, one would be surprised by the lack of damage the vehicle suffers.