Deacon Jones Honda Welcomes The 2019 Honda Civic Hatchback to Goldsboro!

Drive bold with the 2019 Honda Civic Hatchback!

Just when everyone thought Honda couldn’t outdo its multi-award winning 2018 Civic, this year’s hatchback has emerged even better than the last. The new Honda Civic features enhanced styling with better technology accessible across all the variants. The new Honda Civic Hatchback features an advanced infotainment interface that sees a return of the volume knob that is in answer to one of the few customer complaints received on its predecessor. Across the board, all the variants boast features from the Honda Sensing safety suite that includes adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning with lane keeping assist and forward collision control as well. The Sport trim now has wider wheels and tires, enhanced power and a tougher body to boast, with two versions up for grabs in this trim – the sedan and the coupe.

The new Honda Civic has a 1.5-liter turbo engine on offer, which drives the power and fuel efficiency features through the roof. Across all variants, the hatchback has an excellent driving performance supported by an efficient braking system. The smooth and easy handling and superb stability makes it a fun drive. Comfortable seating coupled with ample and practical storage provides for a versatile drive as well. The infotainment system includes a 7-inch touch screen that has Apple CarPlay and Android Auto interface compatibility among various other hi-tech trimmings. The standout available safety features are the collision mitigation braking system, adaptive cruise control, and lane keeping assist support. Optional leather upholstery, dual-zone climate control, power seats, and a power roof just adds to the inexhaustible list of features this compact wonder has on offer. The new Honda Civic is extremely reliable which is why it has an excellent resale value as well.

The new Honda Civic in Goldsboro epitomizes fun and practicality encapsulated in a comfortable, well-endowed cabin and is an overall fun and practical driving experience. Last year, the hatchback rose to lead in its class, but with this year’s edition, Honda has truly outshone itself. The 2019 Civic has broken away from its pack and established itself as the trailblazer in its segment. Check out this beauty at Deacon Jones Honda, your Honda dealer in Goldsboro today for a test drive!

Source: Honda