2018 Honda Clarity Fuel-Cell | Deacon Jones Honda

2018 Honda Clarity Fuel-Cell | Deacon Jones Honda

Clarity is the name used by Honda to represent all of its alternative fuel vehicles. While it was originally used to represent only hydrogen fuel cell cars, in 2017 the name was expanded to include battery vehicles and also plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. Additionally it also included the next generation of the Honda Clarity Fuel Cell cars.

The Honda Clarity Fuel Cell has highest EPA driving range rating among all zero-emission vehicles in the United States. The model also has the highest combined and city fuel economy ratings among all hydrogen fuel cell cars as rated by the EPA. It has a combined city/highway rating of 67 miles per gallon gasoline equivalent and 68 during city driving.

The 2018 Honda Clarity is around 4 inches shorter than the Honda Accord and has a pretty innovative cockpit. The dashboard has a dot that changes size and color as the hydrogen consumption begin to increase. This makes it easier for the driver to monitor the driving efficiency of the car. There are separate displays for showing battery power level and motor output. The speedometer is placed above the cockpit display making it easier for the driver to keep their eyes on the road. The upholstery of the seats and lining of the doors are made with Honda’s Bio-Fabric which made from plants and cuts down on CO2.

The 2018 Honda Clarity comes with a 100kW vertical flow hydrogen fuel cell where the electricity is supplied based on the demand. Just like most electric vehicles, Clarity comes with regenerative braking and has a separate battery to recover energy during braking. The electric motor has a power of 134 horsepower, 189 lb-ft torque at 0-3056 rpm. The hydrogen tank which is 4.1kg @ 5000 psi is EPA certified at 240 miles. The car can cover almost 77 miles per kg of hydrogen in the city and 67 miles per kg on the highway. The combined consumption is 72 miles per kg.

Some of the other features of the car are AM-FM radio, CD player, ports for integrating iPod and iPhones, USB ports, auxiliary input, a voice activated GPS navigation system, Bluetooth, cloth seating surfaces and many more.

Source: Honda