Tips To Prepare Your Vehicle For Fall

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Tips To Prepare Your Vehicle For Fall

Falls can have an adverse impact on your vehicle due to the cold temperatures and the rain and snow experienced in some parts of the country. Some usual technicalities during the season include reduced gripping capacity of tires and increased the vulnerability of windshields to cracks. A little maintenance can go a long way in keeping your vehicle in super shape. Timely precautions also reduce the risk of expensive repairs. Here are some tips to ensure that your model stays safe and sound:

Replace damaged or worn out wiper blades
If the wiper blades are squeaking or leaving ridges or streaks of moisture on the windshield when in use, it is time to replace them. Worn out wiper blades can expose the windshield to the blade’s plastic arm, which can result in cracks and scratches on the shield. To replace worn-out blades at the earliest.

Check if your tires are worn out
Worn out tires are a risk on the road, especially if your area experiences rain and snow during fall. To check if your tires are compromised, push a penny with Lincoln’s head down into the tread’s groove. If Lincoln’s full head is not visible, the tires are alright. If it's still visible, however, they are worn out and need to be replaced.

Keep your vehicle covered at all times
Fall is the season of falling leaves. While they may look beautiful in a movie, falling leaves can cause dirty stains on your vehicle if not cleaned immediately. The stains come from the sap and acid the leaves ooze away as they decompose. So to avoid this, park your vehicle in a garage or use a cover.

Check vehicle headlights
Sharp headlights are crucial during fall since the nights become longer during this season. To ensure safety, replace dim or flickering headlights.

Get your vehicle examined by a mechanic
Fall can worsen already-existing vehicle issues. A professional mechanic will examine your vehicle’s fluids, hoses, belts, radiator, brakes, HVAC systems, and suspension to identify and rectify potential risks. Head to Deacon Janes Honda, an authorized dealer of Honda cars in Goldsboro, to get your vehicle examined for the fall. Besides service reliability and low price, you can discover our best deals too.

Source: Honda