Honda Offers 'Key by Amazon' In-Car Delivery

2019 Honda Passport

Honda Offers 'Key by Amazon' In-Car Delivery

Honda has joined hands with Amazon to bring the convenience of in-car delivery to select models in its lineup. Through this collaboration, the Japanese car manufacturing giant aims to enter the elite club of car manufacturers (Buick, Chevrolet. Ford, and Volvo), offering in-vehicle delivery services.

To avail of this service, owners of select Honda vehicles (that are covered under the program) who are Amazon Prime members need to subscribe to the HondaLink remote services system. The service will be offered in 50 cities, including Salt Lake City, Seattle, Philadelphia Miami, and Boston. Subscribers of the service can opt to get their package delivered to their vehicle.

Some models compatible with the service include the 2019 Passport and Pilot (Touring and Elite variants), the 2018-19 Accord Touring (hybrid model included), and the 2019-2020 Insight Touring. Key by Amazon is designed to ensure the convenience of subscribers. Car owners opting for this service receive their package while they perform their daily tasks. To let Amazon know that they want to avail the service, all the subscriber needs to do is select the in-car delivery option at checkout.

When the parcel is ready for delivery, Amazon sends an 'arriving now' notification on the customer’s mobile. On the delivery day, the customer must park their vehicle a couple of blocks away from their delivery address. Additionally, they must switch on the vehicle’s GPS to help the delivery personnel locate the vehicle.

After the delivery personnel successfully locates the vehicle (using GPS location), they scan the package and request for the vehicle to be unlocked. After placing the parcel inside the car, the delivery personnel requests the car to be relocked. Once the in-vehicle delivery is complete, the customer receives a notification that their package is waiting for them inside their car. Honda has plans to add this service to other models in the future.

Honda is one of the most reputable and bankable names in the car manufacturing industry. The Japanese manufacturer is credited for designing some of the most reliable cars in the world. Honda cars in Goldsboro are known for their advanced security features, futuristic design elements, and superior technology and performance features.

Source: Honda