When your vehicle is repaired at Deacon Jones Collision Center, it goes through an extensive process that focuses on detail, efficiency, speed and high quality repair. We ensure that our sophisticated process results in your vehicle is repaired to its original, pre-accident condition, so you can get back on the road.

STEP ONE - Estimation
  • Estimate is prepared by one of our professional and experience estimators
  • An estimated time of completion for repairs is given
  • Customer signs the repair authorization
  • Insurance negotiations are completed
  • Parts needed for repair are ordered
  • Parts are received; typically within 24 to 48 hours

STEP TWO - Body Work Prep
  • A scheduled completion date is given in lieu of estimated time
  • A supplement report is written, if necessary, and approved
  • Additional parts are ordered if a supplement is written
  • A revised scheduled completion date is given

STEP THREE - Body Work
  • Structural and body repairs are started by our I-Car Platinum and Gold Certified Technicians
  • Vehicle is set up on our computerized measuring and straightening system for Unibody and frame repairs
  • New body panels are prepared and installed
  • Priming, sealing and corrosion process
  • Vehicle is inspected and tested to prepare for the paint department
  • A confirmed completion date given

  • Vehicle is thoroughly cleaned, prepped, primed, sanded and sealed.
  • It is then tapped, bagged, masked, blown off and placed in down draft spray booth oven
  • Vehicle undergoes a multi-step refinishing process using an acrylic urethane paint system
  • Reassembly, wheel alignment, air conditioning, detailing, final inspection and test drive are completed
  • Repairs are complete, and customer is notified with confirmation for delivery
  • A complimentary car wash is scheduled prior to delivery