The Honda CRV Hybrid has been awarded the Best New Car for 2020 title along with 12 other new vehicle entrants. Launched earlier this year, the all-new CRV Hybrid does pack quite a punch. It offers high torque power, in addition to enhanced fuel economy. Driving the vehicle is superbly comfortable, and theres enough space for everyone. If you thought the Honda CRV Hybrid couldnt get any better you are wrong. The electric vehicle even won Top Safety Pick from the IIHS. If youre still wondering whether you should buy this...continue reading

Adaptive Cruise Control or AAC is a smart drive feature that almost every new-age vehicle includes in their basic specifications. It is also popularly referred to as Autonomous Cruise Control or Active Cruise Control. With AAC, your vehicle can automatically speed up or slow down based on the traffic situation it finds itself in. How does AAC work, and should you even be using it? We clarify these questions and more below.

How Does Adaptive Cruise Control Work?

Cars enabled with Adaptive Cruise Control are said...continue reading

Electric cars are becoming increasingly popular for environmental reasons, lower costs of maintenance and fuel savings. However, there are expenses involved with setting up a charging station and fluctuating charging rates. These may have you considering leasing an EV instead. Here are some points you may find useful. 

Technology Enthusiasts

If you value technology and new innovations, perhaps leasing is a good option for you. Lease periods on electric vehicles are shorter, roughly two to four years. This...continue reading

Young and broke? Dont worry, Honda Used Cars will rescue your dream of owning a car nevertheless. Deacon Jones Honda, located in Goldsboro, NC, provides an entire range of Honda Used Cars for customers young and old whod otherwise find it difficult to afford a brand new Honda. You could be anywhere near Goldsboro, Raleigh, or Greensboro; were only a brief commute away. 

However, chancing upon a good-condition used car can be a rarity. You could end up losing instead of saving on your expenditure if you...continue reading

The all-new Honda Passport 2020 has just arrived in the market. The toughened up look of this extravagant SUV is certainly appealing. Although sturdy, it has also been styled in such a way that it doesnt look out of place in the city. 

Before we talk about the Honda Passport MPG, lets dig deeper into what it has to offer.

Built for Adventures

The Honda Passport has been styled ruggedly with more than enough cargo space and compartments, which is perfect to set out on any kind of journey. Being a 5-seater, you can travel...continue reading