If you've been thinking about selling your car or trading it in, you couldn't have picked a better time. And the absolute best place to sell your car is Deacon Jones Honda in Goldsboro, NC, not far from La Grange and Clinton NC . We've always offered generous prices for used vehicles but today we can be more generous than ever. The global shortage of vehicles means your car is worth more to us than it's ever been. Allow us to prove it.

The average used car price is up 28% in North Carolina: Are you taking advantage of that?

Last year, the price of the average used car in North Carolina skyrocketed 28% higher than the year before. That's an average increase of $7,000 per car. That means your car has suddenly become a lot more valuable even if it's just been sitting in the garage. That's why we're urging our customers and friends to take advantage of this rare opportunity to sell your used car, truck or SUV when prices are at their highest. And they are at our dealership.

Hard to believe your car is worth that much money? Prove it to yourself online

Just go to our "Value your trade" tool online and you can get an immediate appraisal of what your car is worth. And believe us, it's worth a lot. Simply fill in some basic data about your car, then submit the information and stand back. You'll get an estimate of what your car is worth right away and we predict you'll like it a lot. If so, bring your estimate to us, along with your car's title and loan payoff info. We can finalize a great deal right on the spot.

We'll pay you a lot for your car whether you buy from us or not

As soon as you bring your used car and your estimate to our dealership, we can confirm and finalize your offer right away. If you'd like to take that offer in the form of cash, we'll be happy to hand you a check and wish you the best, whether you want to buy a car from us or not. If you want to see what we have in stock, check our new Honda models and used vehicles from Honda and other well-known brands.

We'd like to sell you on the idea that you don't want to sell a car yourself

It might seem tempting because you may be thinking you can get an even better price by marketing your car on your own. But there's a price to be paid when you sell a vehicle yourself. You'd have to spend the time and maybe the money to clean it or pay someone to detail it for you. There's the cost of repairing anything that needs fixing, the time to run ad and the wear-and-tear on your nervous system hoping the buyer's check won't bounce.

Selling your car to us is faster, easier and doesn't involve a lot of drama

You can sell your car to us as quickly as today, and you can feel completely confident that, when you get a generous check from Deacon Jones Honda for your car, you can literally take it to the bank . If you want to buy a new Honda from us, be sure to check our new Honda specials to save money on your next vehicle, whether you live in Mt. Olive or Kinston NC.

Interested in an exceptional used car? Check our Honda Certified models

To be in our certified inventory, a pre-owned Honda has to first be in very good shape. It must pass our uncompromising 182-point inspection and if it does, it gets a better powertrain warranty than you'll see on most new cars: 7 years or 100,000 miles. Ask us about the details, then sell us your car and allow us to find your next car at Deacon Jones Honda in Goldsboro, NC.